Ionic Detox Footbath

Works in tandem with the lymphatic system using osmosis to pull unwanted toxins and heavy metals from the body. This system utilizes a very soft electrical current, which when accompanied by various metal plates in saltwater surrounded by a conducive copper tub, aid ineffective detox. The impurities of the water react to the ionization process that draws out metals and other bad substances out of your body changing the water color. The benefits of ionic detox foot baths include increased energy, clearer thinking, boosted immune system, improved sleep, reduction in swelling & inflammation, reduced aches & pains, clearer skin and more!

Individual Sessions
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Hand or Foot Paraffin
Single Treatment

Paraffin wax has been used for years as an effective medium for heat transfer to the skin & joints with a soothing and therapeutic effect. When applied, blood vessels in the skin expand; this increases circulation and brings healing nutrients to the surface. Relieve pain, moisturize and rejuvenate your hands and feet.

Cold Stone Therapy

Cold stone therapy is recommended for migraine headaches.

15-20 Minute Session

Sound Therapy

Choose between 15 unique programs aimed towards healing the body on a frequency level. When music is digitally compressed, as most is in this age, it offers only an isolated sound wave pattern. When this happens, the full range of subtle frequencies and their corresponding healing properties lose their full effect. HUSO systems bypass this setback, giving the body the full intended cofactors - optimizing the process of healing through sound. Sound therapy is a great tool to use for relaxation. It has been found to help people that are struggling with tinnitus, stress, anxiety, depression, pain, autism, and more!

Individual Session

10 Session Package

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Our full spectrum infrared sauna mimics the sun's UV rays aiding in the production of vitamin D in the body which is known to increase blood circulation in the body, resulting in many desired affects such as heart health, pain-relief, after-workout recovery, building up of the immune system and much more!

Individual Sessions
Package Discounts Available
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Low-Level Laser Therapy

Package discounts available! Contact us for details.

Low-Level Laser Therapy, sometimes referred to as Cold Laser Therapy, is a type of photo-biomodulation chemistry. Billions of photons (energy) penetrate into the skin causing regeneration and re-communication to damaged and dormant cells. This stimulates the mitochondria for increased ATP production initiating the healing process.

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Injury Recovery, Cellular Healing, Pain Management, Neuropathy, Scar Tissue, Acne Treatment, and More!